10 NEW definitions of the word “Mom”

Being a mom has so many different meanings that it actually is impossible to define it in the dictionary. It has different meanings to everyone. Here is what it means to me:

  1. A mom is one who can think out of the box with regards to keeping the kids busy during the holidays. I try to get them to play by themselves and use their own imagination, most of the time. But they’re still learning and because of that, I sometimes have to come up with a bright idea to push them in the right direction. Even if that means buying a roll of tape and sticking it on the carpet to make a race track for the cars, bear in mind they do have TWO carpets that is the same concept.
  2. A mom is one who has to think of new recipes for meal times. I’d be perfectly fine with french toast for every lunch and every other supper. But apparently, kids need a variety of things to eat. Although I’m positive they wouldn’t object to not having veggies twice a day, and rather stuffing their faces with crackers and chips, oh and the odd apple here and there.
  3. A mom has to be the bouncer as well as the nurse, to both kids, equally, at the same time. Bunny and Monkey play more and more together. But they often still collide into each other and that means double the tears and wailing at the same time.1502607418337
  4. A mom has to let go of all things related to having a good night’s rest. From the start of bed routine, to the next morning when they wake up at the crack of dawn; a mom must accept that she won’t sleep through (just yet, and hopefully soon). When the one is sorted and asleep, the other one will come and tell me a story in his sleep or come ask me to build Lego with him, while fast asleep. When he’s back in bed with the order of dreaming of all the things that need to be build the next day, the younger one will wake up as soon as you’ve finally drifted off yourself. Add being an insomniac to the whole mix and then you get an over-tired mom for the next day. Can’t someone just tell me I need a time-out and to just go have a nap to sleep off my grumpy mood?
  5. A mom has to remind herself that her actions and efforts are worth it, as her little brood don’t quite tell her that. How many times did they not want the food you’ve made for them? Or pulled up their noses and said “yuck” without even trying? Or asked for a fort and after you’ve hauled out all the linen to build said fort, decided they’d rather go for a swim in the blow-up pool that has been set up 2 days ago, without having been used once since?
  6. A mom has to be super strong. Guaranteed she’ll end up trying to carry the toddler while pushing the trolley filled with groceries, with the 5-year old sitting inside said trolley, while comparing prices and picking things off the shelves.
  7. A mom has to be able to do her yoga/home fitness routine with a child crawling either under her, next to her, or on top of her; OR one under her and one on top of her.
  8. A mom has to be willing to pick up things thrown on the floor… over and over and over each.and.every.single.day. Or toys that are strewn all over the house and instead of dodging them like smelly dog-land-mines, rather just pick them up and throw them back to where they came from.
    My kitchen floor EVERY DAY
  9. A mom lies. Cause even after she’s warned you not to come crying to her after falling, she’ll still pick you up and comfort you. After telling you no other food apart from your supper, she’ll make you some scrambled eggs. After giving you your last warning, she’ll warn you a 4th and 5th time too. After telling you that you’re driving her nuts, she’ll forget about the wet washing that needs to be hung up or supper that needs to be made, and patiently and “sanely” sit and play with you.
  10. A mom is the one that the kids come to first; to heal a sore from a fall; give a cuddle when they’re feeling low; comfort after waking up from a nightmare; need a questioned answered like “why are humans on earth?”; and everything else in between. A mother is “Love“.


Don’t doubt yourself just because you had a rough day. Just do better the next time.



Reasons why I love you

Today you are 1!

Seriously where has the time gone?!?!

Here are my TOP 52 reasons of why I love you. 1 for each week of this past year.

  1. Your gentle being.
  2. Your emotional connection to others.
  3. Your empathy, you give to others who are hurt and/or sad.
  4. Your beautiful smile.
  5. Your genuine giggles.
  6. Your contagious laugh.
  7. Your hugs, you generously give.
  8. Your wet kisses you love giving.
  9. Your eyes, and how they are wide open and alert.
  10. The color of your eyes, like some exotic sea water.
  11. Your smootchi mouth.
  12. Your curiosity of all the things around you.
  13. Your ability to learn and understand so quickly.
  14. Your feistiness.
  15. Your determination to get what you want.
  16. Your desire to still want to be connected to me and daddy, by having us pick you up.
  17. Your no-fear attitude, when you climb all the way to the top of the slide.
  18. Your assistance to have me constantly think of new ideas for snacks for you each day.
  19. Your slapping my face while I’m sleeping, just to remind me that I’m not alone.
  20. Your explosive nappies, to let me know you ate well the previous day.
  21. Your love you give us.
  22. Your excitement to see your big brother each day.
  23. Your soft skin.
  24. Your easy going attitude.
  25. Your confidence in new places and doing new things.
  26. Your ability to have fun with simple things like a piece of toilet paper or a wooden spoon.
  27. Your amazement at things we take for granted.
  28. Your constant excitement after a nap and we come get you.
  29. Your willingness to share your toys.
  30. Your warm and inviting eyes.
  31. Your sincerity when you call me “Mama”.
  32. Your intelligence that comes through, even at this young age.
  33. Your good-natured behaviour.
  34. Your constant happiness.
  35. Your gentle, old soul.
  36. Your enthusiasm with regards to doing something or trying something new out.
  37. Your brilliant way of lighting up a room.
  38. Your calming presence.
  39. Your ambition to do what you want.
  40. Your observing of all things around you, not missing a thing.
  41. Your personality.
  42. Your ray-of-sunshine comfort, when times seem dark.
  43. Your creative streaks of playing.
  44. Your attentive eyes when we teach you something completely new.
  45. Your charming personality.
  46. Your golden curly locks.
  47. Your beautiful hands with their long fingers.
  48. Your self-confidence.
  49. Your way of bringing calm to those around you.
  50. Your persuasive ability for things you want or things you want to do.
  51. Your love that you give to all around you.


Your untouched innocence
That lovely blue in your eyes
With my heart you’ve made
Some very special ties
Your flawless little face
Fingers than tangle with mine
Brings a feel of purity
Which is just so divine
Your unfathomable sounds
Your heart-melting smile
Everything that you do
Makes my life worthwhile

Happiest of birthdays, my sweet rainbow child. How I love you so!