Haters Gonna Hate… So here’s what we’ve been up to!

So I know some of you have been wondering why you haven’t seen anything from us lately, and I’m here to tell you why.

Because; haters! That’s the short answer.

This isn’t an invite for a pity party or whatnot. So if you’re going to see it like that, then best to unfollow.

I had received some hate mail; nasty comments; unfollowing of the blog, yet still like the blog’s Facebook page; and even some “unfriends”; critic on what I should and shouldn’t write; and yeah, I took it personally. Decided well eff it!! I won’t share anything anymore and I was just about to delete the whole blog and social media accounts for Bunny, Monkey” & Me.

After a few people have inquired about when they’d get a new blog post and others asking what had happened, I realized that I can’t give in to the few rotten apples that enjoy pushing other people down. I love writing. I love sharing things that others might relate to. I love expressing myself. I’m artistic and writing is part of art. It’s my form of a let out, as well as a “digital” way to capture our lives so that I can look back on it whenever I want, and so the boys can do so too. Yes, not everyone might like my style of Art, but you know what, I don’t have to change, adapt or fade away just because someone doesn’t like it. They can simply click on the “un-” button, whether unlike, unfollow, unsubscribe. Hey! They can even block it. So really? Why must I stop doing something I enjoy just for those few who don’t like it?

Well, here I am after my epiphany, which I think might have happened over a glass of wine or a slab of chocolate. Anyways…..

If you’re still following us, thank you. Hope you’ll still enjoy it and know that somewhere, someone is going through something similar.

Here’s a short rundown of what has happened in the lives of myself and my zoo?

If you missed the last couple of posts, before I went into stealth mode, you can read it here. I looked at how I was rocking motherhood, even when it doesn’t always feel that way. And before that, we had just celebrated Monkey’s first birthday and I had reflected on reasons why I love him.

Since Monkey’s first birthday, we have:

  • Celebrated Bunny’s “Student of the Week” reward. He’d really worked hard in order to be acknowledged for his constant hard work.wp-image-1339854548
  • We’d recuperated from Bunny’s triple-whammy of measles, mumps, AND tonsillitis. Monkey’s bacterial eye infection. And my upper airway something or other. Poor Mr. Bear had his hands full.20170404_193150
  • Had our first Doha Friday Brunch with just the family, at Santa Monica Breakfast Club, Grand Hyatt. Good grief, never again. Mr. Bear and I didn’t get to have one conversation as one of us always had to run off with one of the boys. Next time we’re doing it either without kids or in a group so we’ll have help. At least we all enjoyed the beach.IMG_20170414_130800_126
  • Moved into a bigger place. I used to love moving, but after this exercise…. not so much anymore. It used to be fun, but then I didn’t have tiny humans interrupting me. The new place is also closer to Bunny’s new school, that he’ll start the new school year – he’s so excited.
  • Speaking of school and Bunny; we also had our first bullying at school incident where Bunny was being bullied by a fellow classmate. The shocking part of it all, the teacher denying that it could ever happen. And then, suddenly no more incidents when you start threatening to come into the school to see the principal.IMG-20170531-WA0024
  • Monkey starting to do typical toddler things, like climbing on absolutely everything, having no fear, almost needing stitches by knocking his eye socket; redecorating the entire house with a marker (including walls, chairs, couches, tiles and himself). Oh, that personality is just something beautiful…. and comical at times.
  • Family and guests staying over for a few days. Apart from experiencing the heat, they got to do some shopping in 3 different malls, experience the Souq, get stuck in the desert on the way to Inland Sea and overall get a glimpse of the place we now call Home. Their feedback: Completely different to what we expected, in an overall good way.
  • Bunny’s Annual Year End Show where not only did he produce the best school report ever (average of 95%), but he also overcame his fear of public speaking by being a lead speaker in one of the productions. Mommy and Daddy’s hearts are still bursting with pride.
  • Oh, and lastly, I just made my next level in the part-time venture I’m in. Super stoked about that too! Not many places where you can get 2 promotions within 7-months, work from home, as well as whenever you want.

    You can too. Ask me how…


So, as you can see, we’ve been busy. And that was just for the past 2-months. Here is what you can look out for coming next:

  • Our self-eviction out of Qatar, running away as far as possible from Summer here.
  • Days spent in the much cooler Cape, South Africa by my mom as well as seeing old friends.
  • And then coming back, to get ready for the new school year.

I’ll post other topics and funnies in between again too, whenever I get a chance.

I’ll leave you with this funny video of Monkey dancing:


So for all those sticking around cause you want to, not out of purely sticking around to see what’s happening in our lives, but sticking around cause you genuinely want to, much love to you all.

To those sticking around for not one good reason, well, whatever floats your boat.

Until later




8 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate… So here’s what we’ve been up to!

  1. Welcome back and you know thats real world anyways. There’s always going to be haters but don’t let them stop you. You started this for a reason. You know yourself and your blog better than anyone else. So keep going and there will always be people who will read and support with a good heart. But most of all keep doing this for you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading your blog. Keep on creating. Is you get negative feedback just see it for what it is – they have the problem not you. You and your family are great people doing great things so keep on creating – Always. Have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Inspiration is few and far between, and all of us are constantly looking for coping mechanisms, so the fact that you give food for thought is is a tool to be used, (or not)……I think you reached the ” haters” too…..so much so that they actually have an opinion……which is good…..they made up their minds……and that my dear friend is all because of your inspiration. Carry on with what you are doing. It moves people (even haters), and that alone needs to be applauded. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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