Limbo has ended!!

OMW!! What a week. Can someone please pass me the fermented grape juice? No seriously. I need it…

To summarize; everyone is finally on the schedule and routine they should be on. After more than 6 months of being in limbo in some areas, confusion in others and pure frustration to make up the rest, I was ecstatic for 18th of September to arrive. And now that this week is nearly over, I couldn’t not reflect on what we’ve had to go through for half of 2016!

Let’s start at the beginning of it all and just see how we’ve grown:

While still in South Africa, last few weeks of pregnancy, Bunny had to immediately go to a new school. Ok fine, he got in to another school very easily, but now try get him to settle in this new environment while he knows Mommy is at home; while Mr. Bear hasn’t been home for weeks (due to being in Qatar); while Mommy is either selling off household goods, giving things away or just tossing it. Try and explain that to a 4-year old. I mean how dare I “give” Daddy’s car to Uncle N…

And just when he started getting settled in school (sort of), mid-term break arrived. On the upside Mr. Bear arrived too for a few days not-patiently awaiting the arrival of Monkey. Well, the little rugrat decided otherwise in anyway.

A week after Mr. Bear had to come back to Doha, Monkey arrived safely and a day later, school was open again… what effing timing! So now Bunny didn’t want to go to school cause Monkey was home. This still while all things are either being packed up or sold. Thank goodness babies don’t choose their family based on the content of someone’s house…

Meeting my baby brother

A quick and fast track of getting Monkey’s birth certificate, passport and all our visa’s in less than 3 weeks and off we go to the airport, not even having a flight ticket yet! Man, I just wanted to have my family together. One night in the hotel and the next day we were on the plane. Let’s not even discuss flying solo parent with a 4-year-old, a newborn, 4 huge suitcases, 3 hand luggage’s, 2 car seats, a pram, the 4-year-old’s back pack, a handbag and a nappy bag… Still got nightmares.

8 Hours later and YAY! Family is together. Monkey is growing well and no more issues with latches and burps; I’ve got this newborn thing! But guess what, Bunny can’t start school cause we need our residence permits… Bloody-fantastic! Fast forward all the ups and downs and back and forth’s on this…. Fast forward a total of 6 months.


6 Months of having to work my way around a foreign country, sometimes strange people and even a weirder way of driving… 6 Months of having Bunny at home, cooped up for most of the days as Monkey doesn’t like going out. And then summer arrived and you can forget about going out then. Yes! I relied on TV quite a bit to entertain Bunny while I was busy with Monkey and yes some of the shows watched, you barely needed half a brain cell, but most of it was quite educational. Or at least, I’ll keep telling myself that. No, but for the amount of info and knowledge he has absorbed about animals, the way things work among other things, I’d say it was the best education I could provide him without him being at school and without us killing each other while trying to learn the correct order of numbers…

And then this week arrived…

This week where Bunny finally started proper school, in uniform and having to ride a bus.
This week where on the very first day, we had to wait for the bus 2 hours, twice.
This week where Monkey’s routine was something as rare as chicken teeth.
This week where nap times was something that was never heard of.
This week where I had to stand in a queue for 2 hours only to pay for medicals to be done.
This week where night routine was thrown out due to traffic.
This week where I saw more of Doha in 2 hours, than what I have had in 4 months.
This week where finger prints and correct photos were taken.
This week where both my boy’s had to have a prick on the finger to get their blood types tested.
This week where I realized even more how different my children are from one another. (Bunny cried with the finger prick. Monkey laughed at them. In retrospect, maybe Bunny just cried cause I’d promise him a treat afterwards.)
This week where we have finally received our new Qatari ID’s.
This week of whirlwind.
This week can go onto the shelf as a week that we’ve all been waiting for, for the past 6 months.
This week where this past year’s limbo-ness (Is that even a word?), has finally ended or started to have motion again.

This week we have been looking so forward to is almost over and looking back on how far we’ve come; this week has been all worth it!

First day of proper school

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