An open letter to my Monkey

An open letter to my second child, as I reflect on the past 6 months.

I’m sorry!

I’m sorry we never had the “baby-moon” like most, especially first born’s do.
I had to divide my attention between you and your brother, packing up house and moving to a new country. We never had those lying in bed moments, just because we didn’t have to do anything else. We didn’t snuggle up to pass the time.

I’m sorry you got, and still do get dragged along when taking Bunny to all his activities.
You weren’t even 24 hours old when you got strapped to the car seat to do Bunny’s school run. School, play dates and swimming lessons are all part and parcel of your big brother’s life and you just had to get used to driving in the car.

I’m sorry you don’t have heaps of brand new toys and clothes.
Being the second born, you are not only getting some hand-me-down clothing but you’re also lacking in the toys area. There’s a few reasons for this though and I hope you’ll understand. 1. You are growing at such a rapid rate, that you barely get to wear an outfit 20 times and then you’ve outgrown it. 2. You do seem to prefer your brother’s toys or a half-full water bottle to fling around. And 3. Mommy does know which product or item will never be of any use, no matter how many times baby shops try to sell it to us. I promise, the money I would have spent on toys and clothes, I’m saving up for you. At least you’re never bored during the day and have tons of things to do.

I’m sorry you don’t  have your own nursery.
This actually has a very logical reason for it. Apart from only being in a 2-bedroom apartment; you prefer lying between Mommy and Daddy to sleep. You love tapping Daddy’s arm when you want to get up in the morning and go play. You love having Mommy’s hand on your tummy while you sleep. And although that is what is working for all of us; you never had the nursery you see in photos of an Ikea brochure.


I am not sorry that you are my second child, because:
I am now more relaxed.
I know you won’t “break” easily and that you are quite resilient.
I know that you are perfectly okay with spending some time on your play mat without having me sit next to you, keeping a hawk-eye on you.
I know that you will reach whichever milestone when you are ready to do so.
I know a few tried and tested things that might work for you too without having to spend countless hours doing research on it.
I know when you want and need me.
I know what to do when you behave in a certain way.
I know you are happy with what you have and don’t need an extravagant or lavish lifestyle.
I know that you can never get spoiled by me answering to each of your whimpers and cries. I know you won’t make a habit of me picking you up whenever you need me to.
I know you won’t want hugs and kisses all the time, so it’s okay for me to shower you with them right now, while you can’t run away from me yet.
And most of all,
I know you know that I love you with all of my heart and that I will do anything for you.



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