It’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep

img_0173 It’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep… I’m wide awake. What do I do now? Get up of course. I mean I can’t lie in bed until I can doze off again; I’ll keep tossing and turning and might wake Mr. Bear. So I get my things and come have my first cup of coffee for the day.

“Geez, the lights are bright… I’ll only switch on the hub over the stove’s light. That’s enough to fill the kettle and make myself a cuppa-good-morning.”

While sipping the nectar of the gods I contemplate what to do with myself until I can shut my eyes a bit again. The house is relatively quiet. The streets are dead. At least it’s peaceful.

I glance over at the pile of ironing to be done… oh how I loathe ironing. Screw you Adam and Eve for getting yourself exiled out of Paradise and causing your future generations to resort to clothing. Screw you Gucci and Armani, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton for making it look so professional to wear clothes that always require ironing. Screw you all!

I could continue on my next paint project. A lovely piece Mr. Bear wants for his wall. But that would require me to actually focus and my mind is not quite ready to do that…

I could start making lunch and supper for the next day, oh no wait, I mean TODAY, but that might wake the others…

The house was spring cleaned yesterday, so nothing to do there…

Watch a movie? Yeah, maybe. At least I won’t get interrupted nor have Bunny hogging the TV…

Still too damn early to be awake man! Sunshine is still sleeping, so you must still sleep. I remember that’s what we used to tell Bunny when he kept waking at 5:30. Granted it was winter, so it was still dark. Granted he was 3 years old and we could still BS him into saying he can only wake up when the sunshine was awake…

I hate this time of morning. It’s like a daily dose of limbo as you are stuck between not wanting to do anything apart from sleep and having the chance to do something you want to do.

What do I end up doing, pray to god that Monkey will go back to sleep! Oh I didn’t tell you? Why yes, it’s his favorite time of day to practice his babbling, blowing of bubbles and playing with his feet. It’s been his favorite time to wake up to do all these things for nearly 2 months now. One would think we’d be used to it; but we’re not!!

So for now; “Good morning my sweet angel. At least I get the first kisses and cuddles for the day.”

Cuddles with Monkey at 3:30 am

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