Why putting baby down for a nap is the same as a fire drill

Remember learning as a child what to do when there is a fire? That’s right; Stop, Drop and Roll. Well, for most moms (and sometimes dads) it is the same as putting a baby down to sleep.

Stop, Droll & Roll Video

For the utmost time, I have had to do this drill. Not because there’s a real life fire, but because I’m putting Monkey down for a nap.

Overtired Monkey

This is how it goes. I feed him (90% of the time he falls asleep while feeding) until he dozes off peacefully. So far we’ve been fortunate enough that he doesn’t roll yet, so I can leave him safely on the bed, surrounded by pillows, after feeding him lying on the bed.

1. I stop encouraging him to drink by touching his face or hands. The words “Please be done, please be asleep”, are in my mind on replay during this time. Especially after a long feed; you know those ones that go for over 30 minutes while you’re actually trying to cook supper and you can start smelling the mince burning to the pan, because who knew this feed would take so long, thus you didn’t switch the stove off before you took the tired creature to the room. When he doesn’t start sucking again, I know he’s asleep. YES! Step 1 completed… nearly there!


2. I drop the breast out of his mouth. And yes, you can do it with a bottle too, whether breast or bottle teet – same concept. Slowly and gently. Don’t let him realize what you’re doing. be sly and mischievous. That’s the only way. It’s like taking the bottle of beer or wine from your friend when you know they’ve actually had enough but they hold on to it for dear life… Slip away those little fingers keeping everything in place… There you go… Freedom!
3. And then I gently roll away and off the bed. And sometimes baby still stirs trying to get in a comfy position which leads me to basically roll out of the room too. The only picture that comes to mind here are those soldiers leopard crawling to get to safety. Almost there… almost there. Watch that knee that clicks when you bend it and that floor board that creaks when you put pressure on it…

Google Images

Do you see why I say it’s the same!?!? It’s exactly the same, because if you don’t do it like that, then all hell will break loose. Hell of a screaming baby cause he is overtired, actually just wanted you to stay with him or just because you’ve resulted in him waking up after a 3 minute nap which was not quite enough to be classified as a power nap. I mean, how dare you Mother.

And once, safely outside the room you pat yourself on the back as once again the mission has been completed!

Mission Accomplished



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