Even after a crappy day…

Every now and again, you just don’t want to adult anymore. You don’t want to mommy anymore. No more wifey. No more maid. No more cook. No more driver. No more nothing; just for a day.


You just want a day for you. A day where you can dress in something other than the spaghetti-strap-top that gives easy access to the baby’s nana’s.¬† Put on that necklace without the toddler yanking at it. A day where you don’t have to smell a poo-bum. A day where no negotiations are needed between 5 more minutes in the bath or an extra bed time story.

But you don’t get that day! You’re a mom. That’s your job. You can’t even hand in a resignation letter or call in sick faking a cough.

We all get those crappy days every now and again. It’s nothing specifically that’s making us feel like that. Or maybe it’s a variety and combination of it all. A bit of guilt; cause again you didn’t play¬†with the preschooler. You didn’t feel like “pretending” that there’s a dragon in the bathroom when all you wanted was to go pee. Or maybe it’s because baby didn’t look all too glad to see you when they woke after a nap. Never mind that they’re still half asleep; but you wanted and hoped for that big smile of appreciation and you didn’t get it. Maybe it’s because the coffee date you hoped for was cancelled. Maybe it’s because the hubby forgot to unpack the dishwasher before leaving for work. If you have a career, it might be because your pitch was just not accepted with enthusiasm by your colleagues, even after putting extra effort into it. Or the dog wouldn’t stop barking. Or or or…..

There are just so many variations and additives as to why you might just have a crappy day…

And the only thing to get you through that crappy day, is that one last hug before bedtime and those cuddles that the baby only wants from you to settle them, that kiss on the cheek from the hubby with the gentle reminder that you still look beautiful even if you smell of vomit. And those small things are enough to get you all sorted out. Like a recharge button. Ready for the next day to do it all over again, but this time, doing it with a smile. Cause even though it might not feel like that right now, you are loved, you are appreciated, you are accepted, even when you forget it.


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