Why I should help my 4-year old clean up

If you have a 4-year old, then you will have heard some of these reasonings when it gets to clean up time …


In our house, Bunny needs to clean up his room every day before bed time. He’s getting relatively good at it; even putting the toys in the correct boxes (mom’s OCD kicked in to have different boxes). Getting to put the toys away as he plays or stops playing with them, is still an on-going exercise. But nevertheless, we’re getting there.

Don’t get me wrong! Every night is an argument, screaming match or at least a negotiation to get it done. Who the hell would ever have thought that I’d have to negotiate with a mini-me?

Here are some reasons according to my 4-year old of why I should help him clean up and my either verbal or non-verbal replies to them:

What it usually looks like after a day’s play
  1. I can’t do it all by myself (You made the mess all by yourself) 
  2. There’s too many (Maybe we should throw some away)
  3. It’s all over the room (Again, you put it there)
  4. It’s too heavy (Note the Lego pieces – now that is HEAVY)
  5. I’m too tired (Luckily you’re going to sleep soon)

    Those are the usual ones… But have you heard some of these? Cause they’re very new and I still need comebacks for these reasons. Dumb struck as to where he gets his cockiness from:

  6. You are my mommy, so you have to (What! WHAT?)
  7. I don’t have magic like you do (Oh now you believe in magic but all other times you say it’s “only pretend”)
  8. I helped you make supper and bake cake, so you have to help me too (Uhm… you ate the cake)
  9. Sharing is caring, so share cleaning up (Nice try, buddy)
  10. You also played (No, I fixed the roof of your Lego house for the gazillionth time)

In all honesty, that’s his only chore he HAS to do, no exceptions. And I strongly believe that it is part of exchange and kids enjoy doing chores… well, until they learn how to want payment for it. But for now, I’ll not mention that point just yet.

What excuses have your kids come up with? Add them in the comments here.



14 thoughts on “Why I should help my 4-year old clean up

  1. Your are doing something right girl!! When I have kids I am going to teach them cleaning up and tidiness even before the age of 4 may be. A clean freak here!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We try. Only really started cleaning up as a game by age 3. Anything before that would be bonus hahaha. But thanx.


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