What to expect from the 4-month fussies

YAY! We’ve reached 4 months. 4 Months of having a sweet little angel in our house. Perfect with the routine of sleeping, feeding, playing a bit, a poop here or there, only to do this over and over every day. You even know what that cry or groan means and you get it all sorted out for your snookums quickly and with very little effort.

Monkey is 4-months!

And then it ends. Just like that. Without any warning. Well, hello 4-month old fussy little thing!!

This is to either prepare you for this upcoming stage or for you to reminiscence on…

It goes something like this:

SLEEP REGRESSION: This can go both ways. Either baby sleeps and naps for longer stretches than normal, like a 3-hour nap, to the point of you checking up more frequently just to make sure all is still okay.
OR you get these power naps. And I mean POWER. Who knew you could wake up from a 5-minute nap feeling totally refreshed and ready for a 2 or 3-hour awake stretch?
OR you get an overtired, little being who fights you to the death to close those eyes. In our house, most of the time, the fighting represents itself by sweet baby chatter, giggles and smiles. Unless it’s late afternoon, just before bed time. No, then it’s a few sobs and tears. And don’t even think for a minute that you will know and be prepared for which route the little one decides on taking. I don’t think they know either and they prefer to keep it as a surprise in any way…

FEEDING STRIKES: “Oooh, food!”
That’s what you think. You think a quick feed, in your normal position without any hesitation. Oh you’ve got a thing coming. It’s more something like this:
“Yes I’m hungry. Ok good, you’re getting the food ready. It’s getting closer to my mouth. Ah too late. You took a whole minute to set things up. I don’t want it anymore. Nope, you took too long…
Oh you want me to try feed from the other boob. Let’s give it a shot. No. Also don’t want it. You’ve missed your chance….
Oh alright, let’s humor you and try feeding in a complete different position. Yes, yes, I’ll take a few sips. And done… Oh your breasts are getting full and sore… well, not my problem. I will keep my sweet little smoochy lips tightly sealed.”
And then other times, you get the baby to feed straight from both breasts, one after the other, without hesitation. And for a short moment, you pray that all the pro-breastfeeding sites know what they’re talking about when they say that they won’t go empty if you feed regularly and on demand. (Trust me, they do make enough all the time!)

PLAY: After a nice feed or a power nap, we get put down to stretch those legs and practice our rolling over or grabbing of toys dangling above us. But no, “I don’t feel like doing that. Keep me in your arms…” I mean who actually needs to go pee often or who really needs to eat lunch in any way. “And don’t you dare sit down while holding me. Na-ah. Stand woman and while you’re at it, sway me from side to side too. Ah your hips and knees are getting sore and tired? Well, you should have done those exercises when you were told to do them.” And just as you think fine, we will do this for the next 30 minutes, you get the next groan that the little one actually does not want to do that after all, but actually does want to play roll over like a well-trained pup.

I have come to one conclusion and that is that the 4-month old does not know what they want, yet they want it all, right now.

My only advice is to leave the things that can wait for later. Have that extra cup of coffee or slab of chocolate. Glass of wine is fine too. And as you look at your little angel who is finally asleep, you know that you’re doing your best with what you’ve got at the moment. And that is good enough for now.

20160702_064731 (1)
Monkey catching a snooze… for now…

PS! THIS TOO SHALL PASS… but don’t tell me that while I’m going through it 🙂


4 thoughts on “What to expect from the 4-month fussies

  1. I swear you wrote this article about me. Feeding is especially true for me & the little guy. Like nope.. the boob was in my mouth for 15 seconds. That’s all I’m taking.

    Liked by 1 person

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