Is home really where the heart is?


For the first couple of weeks after having arrived in Doha, Qatar, and being an expat stay at home mom, I’ve constantly been asked the question of “Are you settled in yet?”. And every time I had the exact same answer, “Yes, since I got here”. People would then look at me as if I was off my rocker. They expected me to say things like “Still need to get used to blah” or “Need to find my feet around blah” or “I’m still adjusting to blah”. That made me wonder if something was wrong with me, as how could I just be settled in so easily. Everyone seemed to take their time to do so.


Well, the answer is, simple. Let me explain…

I’ve lived in France for 7 years. During that time, I’ve seen most of the European countries as well as the UK. I’ve lived most of my years in South Africa where I’ve been to each of the 9 provinces. I’ve lived in Florida, USA, for roughly 7 months. Lived in Ethiopia for 1 month and now in Qatar for just over 3 months so far. And then I’ve also had my travels to Malaysia and Mozambique to add to the list.


I think the fact that I’ve lived and traveled to so many countries has helped me to be able to “settle in” so quickly. I don’t plant my roots too deep in a place. I don’t get too attached to a country or its food and culture. Yes, by all means I miss the people I leave behind when I move away. But quite honestly, in our modern day and age, it is so easy to pick up the phone and do a Skype call or Facebook each other or just the constant Whatsapp messages.

The only thing that is a must for me when I go live somewhere new, is to have my Bunny, Monkey and Bear (Mister Hubby) with me. Then quite frankly I can go and live in the most remote place on earth and easily call it home. As long as I have that Finally-I’m-Home-feeling when I walk into the house after a day out, I will be okay.

I have always believed that a house is just a materialistic thing. It’s a structure made out of building materials. Nothing else. But a home, a home is where the most important people in your life are. It’s the place where you prefer to be most of the time, if you could choose.

And so, for me, that is why I settle in so quickly. Because home, is where my heart and my most loved people are.




9 thoughts on “Is home really where the heart is?

    1. Lol…. we moved over when I was a few months old. My dad was a diplomat there in treasury department. Lived in Paris for about a year and then in Marseille rest of the time. Came back just in time for primary school 😊


    1. Maybe…. I enjoy seeing and experiencing different places too much to want to stay in one place. Haven’t decided on next stop though…


  1. This was lovely to read and a great perspective. I think I’m probably fairly similar to you; I’ve moved around a fair bit, and when I travel I don’t tend to get homesick either. Especially not if I’ve got my husband with me – then I’m golden. I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Doha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rachel
      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Hope you stay golden wherever you are. So far, we’re enjoying where we are 😉


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