At the crack of sparrow’s fart

For many years now there has been a little golden, no dark brown, liquid that most moms have become all too familiar with.

No it’s not that poo nappy you’ve been waiting for from the baby. It’s definitely not the muddy puddle on a cold, rainy  morning that you will have to have the decision hanging over your head of whether you should allow the kids to play in, which will give you some free time and possibly a few minutes of laughter from them or whether try to convince them that it’s a bad idea as you cannot muster the strength to clean up after them once they’ve covered the walls, carpets and ears full of the muddy mess.

No…. this dark brown liquid is warm. It’s soothing. It enriches your life. It’s like a super booster for the day that has started  much earlier than what you actually wanted.

The brilliance of this liquid is that these days you can have it in such different ways and tastes that you won’t even get bored from it. Quite frankly, even if you have it the same way each day, there is almost no way that you can get tired of it.

It awakens the mother’s soul from that very first sip. It flows through your veins and revitalizes the body. And if you get that first cup just right, you just know that you’ve started the day the best way you possibly could and that it will all be alright…

It’s that first cup of coffee and it is absolutely divine.

Whether you grind the beans first and brew a fresh pot, or whether you use one of those fancy machines with all its different pods and flavors, to whether you just use the quick fix, ready made granules. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder and you can imagine being whisked away to some barista shop that is still closed, due to it being 4:30 still.

And as you sit there, enjoy it, whether not thinking about anything for those few minutes or planning the day ahead. Enjoy it for as long as you can. Because chances are that before you take the second sip, you’ll hear the first “Mommy!!!”



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