Monkey – Background

My Monkey decided he’d like to share his birthday on the day his uncle turned 21.

So on 6 March 2014 at 7:15, the skinny but long, 3.06kg bundle had arrived.

I remember being so scared. Wondering what another child would do to me in the sense of my love for my first. But a friend once mentioned that another child doesn’t replace the space in your heart for your first. Your heart opens another chamber for the new addition and that it just grows. And when Monkey was safely in my arms, I  knew exactly what she meant.

I was blessed with another beautiful boy. Different in some areas to his big brother, but similar in so many other ways.

He smiles, all the time. When you’re grumpy and get woken up for the 2am feed, your gaze gets met with the biggest smile in the world. It’s like the look you give someone when they’ve finally arrived home after a long time gone. And this look is no fail what gets given, even though he sleeps next to us and even though he only saw me a few hours ago.

In the short 3 months he has been in my life, he has taught me patience. He has taught me to believe that he, even though still so small, know what is needed and when it’s needed… Except his naps. Oh no, that he will fight me on.

The nice thing about it, is that it’s okay. Let me rock you to sleep. Let me try breast feed you again. Let me stay patient until you softly drift off into La La Land.

He is my monkey as he finds everything funny, especially now that he’s started laughing out loud, and he laughs being close to me and holding on to me – and that’s just fine by me.


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