Bunny – Background

At 20:30 on 20th of December 2011, Bunny made his appearance.

From the moment the 3.40 kg bundle touched my hands, I knew that he would fill my life with absolute joy. My heart grew in that instant.

He was a happy baby. Barely cried, unless there as an exploding nappy to change or tummy needed filling. He observed everything and took everything in – there was nothing he missed. And over time, yes, past those quiet lovely 6 weeks, he became so FOMO (fear of missing out). He did not want to miss anything, he was just so aware all the time. He laughed at everything and anything. He absorbed it all in. And without sounding vain…. he was such an easy baby.

Yes, there were days that I wanted to pull my hair out cause I had to rock him back to sleep for the millionth time and days that I couldn’t take the pain away caused by those white pearlies that were trying to come out.

Over the months that have turned into years, I have seen him grow and learn. He still doesn’t miss anything. He would spot airplanes in the sky, that was barely visible to the naked eye – really made us search for them. But we trusted him that they were there and never invalidated his reality of them…. true as bob, after a few seconds, we could see them.

In the past 4 years, he has taught me to “stop and smell the roses”, to go down to his level and view the world. His imagination has been quite something. For a kid who doesn’t really believe in the Easter Bunny (and will see about the Tooth Fairy in a few years), he has the biggest imagination… Like the time he used “magic” to put his unwanted chicken outside onto the window ledge, without opening the window, just so that his dragon, Toothless, could have food.

He is my bunny, a loving little thing that is always ready and appreciative of a little cuddle, but also perfectly happy to be hopping along doing what they want to do, even if it means that he is sometimes all over the place and bouncing between it all.


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