Me – Background


A book always gives an intro. A summary of sorts of the who’s who in the zoo. So here goes…

I’m 32 lady (according to my husband) from South Africa. My 1st 6 odd years were spend in France where my dad worked as a diplomat.

Returning to South Africa I got my education, did further studies after school, mainly about people and why we tick the way we tick.

Married, got 2 boys and now currently in Doha, Qatar, where hubby works at some fancy shmancy place in IT.

Do I have to do the common “things I like/dislike”?

Ok fine….

I like arts and crafts, painting with oil and sketching,  reading stories, mainly crime and fantasies (I’ve actually started writing a fantasy book which I’m stuck on,  but  more on that later). I love most type of music except a few bands, which I’d rather not mention now as hubby might disown me. I live for my boys although they often make me feel like running away, yes that includes the hubby.

I’m not your girly girl per se. Yes I love romantic gestures, chocolates and flowers. But I hate shopping. No, I’ll rephrase it, I hate strolling around a mall looking at everything. I’m the get in and get out type of gal.

I dislike liars and bullshitters, people playing the victim and brussel sprouts.

That’s a super short summary of myself. I’ll post some different things of the past to give more info into my life as well as random thoughts and ideas, opinions and views that might intrigue you. Come along my journey and enjoy the ride!



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